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  Situated in clean-room conditions and using only positive air pressure rated EU9, the Genesis 600 is unique to Panel Graphic, having been completely custom designed and installed for the application of Optiguard™ optical quality coatings onto a variety of different substrates, including flat sheet and mouldings.

Hard Coatings:

Abrasion and chemical resistant coatings for plastics. All Optiguard Hard coatings with exception to the automotive system use a UV curing solvent-based Polyacrylate (a blend of bi and tri-functional Acrylates) with a cured film thickness of 2 – 10 microns (dependant on format required). Using very specific photo-initiators Optiguard Hard Coatings use the high-energy UV output to trigger the cross-linking process. It is with this high efficiency of cross-linking which imparts such high qualities of abrasion and chemical resistance along with excellent adhesion to many different substrates. Depending on customer requirements Optiguard Hard Coatings can be closely controlled or even modified for specific applications outside our existing product range. It is with surface and thickness measuring equipment that enables us to constantly monitor quality and consistency of product.


Anti-Reflection Coatings:

Multi-layer anti-reflection coatings for plastics and glass. Optiguard AR can often be identified by a faint blue/purple colouring of the surface. This residual or reflex colour can be selected or altered by the number and thickness of layers of metal oxides applied. Anti-reflection coating (or Multi-layer AR) works differently to Non-glare as it does not require any surface texture to reduce reflection. Anti-reflection works by applying a series of very thin layers of metal oxides on to the surfaces of plastics or glass. By careful design of these layers, light hitting the surface will not be reflected but instead transmitted through the material. This results in improvement clarity and light transmissions with a great reduction of unwanted reflections.

Varying locations and lighting conditions often pose problems with viewing consistency on many types of displays and other surfaces. Optiguard AR Anti-Reflection Coating from Panel Graphic can offer a solution for a wide variety of

Optiguard AR Coating reduces specular reflections where they make viewing difficult. Using patented technology,
the coating offers low reflectivity and an easy-to-clean hydrophobic surface that repels dirt.


Specialist Coatings:

Developed by Panel Graphic to enable more products to
benefit from an affordable AR coating solution.


Combined anti-mist / anti-fogging abrasion resistant


Electro-static dissipative coating (anti-static).


Highly conductive transparent coating for glass and plastic.


A "non-stick" super hydrophobic surface coating enabling anti-graffiti and self cleaning properties.



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