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  Panel Graphic have invested in the latest technology, diamond polisher’s, milling centres, saws and bonding equipment, they are all required to enable the supply of high quality fabricated items. Products can also be designed and tested using 3D modelling software prior to production, ensuring correct product construction and overall appearance.

From a large acrylic display case to protect a architectual model or expensive artifact, to a contemporary kitchen shelf unit, Panel Graphic have the technology and expertise to supply high quality items at competive pricing.

We can manufacture all of the following items:

Acrylic display cases and tanks
Polycarbonate Machine guards
Boat windows
POS displays
High tolerance saw cutting
Full signage manufacture

Latest company news:
Award winning technology company teams up with Panel Graphic to bridge the 2D-3D gap for worldwide entertainment audience.

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Employer of Excellence Accreditation
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