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  We have machining and cutting equipment comprising of:

3 x 60,000 RPM high tollerance high speed milling centres
2 x large format CNC routers (max bed size 3.1meter x 2 meters)
Automated diamond polishing edge finishers, and diamond cutting tools
Hydro flame polisher and UV bonding centre
Integral thickness measurement probes to control thickness variation on all sheet materials

We totally understand all materials, and can profile cut and rebate without burr or edge defect, using our own unique methods to hold sheet and part we can ensure even the protection films are cut cleanly without any lift or damage.

We work with all of the following materials:

Acrylic (cast and extruded)
Acetal (Delrin)
Aluminium Composite and sheet

Latest company news:
Award winning technology company teams up with Panel Graphic to bridge the 2D-3D gap for worldwide entertainment audience.

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Employer of Excellence Accreditation Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Employer of Excellence Accreditation
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