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Bespoke and machined

Driven by continued innovation in vehicle connectivity and safety technologies, it is predicted automotive display systems will grow to over 15 billion pounds by the end of 2021. Automotive displays are increasing in size and volume, 170 million units are predicted to be made by 2021, at least two TFT-LCD or AMOLED displays will be in all new cars produced in 2021.

Panel Graphic understands that in such a huge growing market, we will only gain a relatively small market share of display enhancement screens, however this is the business that we understand, we have supply relationships exceeding 10 years with some of the finest advanced motor manufacturers in the world, such as Bentley Motors Limited, Mclaren Automotive, Porsche AG, and over this time we have advanced the relevant display technologies by introducing industry firsts such as “Clear Glass Effect Coatings” and High Durability & performance multi-layer anti-reflection coatings on PMMA.


Bespoke and machined

Industrial equipment often requires rugged displays, the materials used to protect them must perform well in harsh environments and often withstand constant heavy use. Panel Graphic understands these demanding customer requirements and has developed materials and coatings for this industry sector.

In an ever growing display world we now expect to see digital information where ever we go, for example sitting on a plane or standing at your local bus stop! these displays would not perform to there best if it was not for the coating & material technologies that Panel Graphic have developed.


Bespoke and machined

Panel Graphic have been supplying some of the world’s largest marine manufacturers optical plastics for display enhancement for almost 20 years.
The specification required for marine displays can often be challenging, materials and coatings may require excellent salt water resistance & anti misting properties whilst still maintaining sunlight readability.

Marine aviation sometimes requires specialist plastics that have unique abilities such as EMC capability whilst still offering long term durability and performance. Panel Graphic have developed Coatings that are used on MOD helicopters to enable the application of transparent ITO coatings.


Bespoke and machined

Everywhere you look you will see information displays, they are now a big part of our daily life, its not just your smart phone’s display anymore where you get your information, it can now be your home heating system, fridge, CCTV, or specialist HiFi that will tell you more information than you will ever need.

Without any of us really noticing, Display manufacturers now produce over 100 billion pounds worth of screens worldwide, many of these screens require protection against damage or specific improvements from using a display enhancement window.

Electronic Displays are certainly here to stay, Panel Graphic has the experience and advanced technologies to really take your products into the future. If its display readability in almost any lighting condition, or industrial durability you are after, or even both we have the solutions.


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