All Optiguard Hard coatings with exception to the automotive system use a UV curing solvent-based Polyacrylate (a blend of bi and tri-functional Acrylates) with a cured film thickness of 2 – 25 microns (dependant on format required).

Using very specific photo-initiators Optiguard Hard Coatings use the high-energy UV output to trigger the cross-linking process. It is with this high efficiency of cross-linking which imparts such high qualities of abrasion and chemical resistance along with excellent adhesion to many different substrates.

Optiguard coatings excel themselves in many demanding environments which is demonstrated by the impressive portfolio of end users which includes military, automotive, aerospace and marine applications.


Incorporating acrylic, polycarbonate and glass substrates, Panel Graphic can offer complete finished display windows that are ready for assembly with adhesive gaskets that have been CNC machined, laser cut, pad printed, screen printed and/or spray finished.

With the vast majority of components being machined in plastic, we have become experts in delivering exceptionally high-quality components in some of the most difficult grades of materials to machine.

With 8 x Datron M8 Cubes housed in environmentally controlled manufacturing suites and 1 x Tekcel E-Series large format CNC Router Panel Graphic are well placed to meet all your requirements.


To compliment Panel Graphic’s own range of products and coatings strategic partnerships have been formed with leading material manufacturers and specialist coating companies to offer our customers the very best available in todays marketplace.


Screen, Pad & Digital are all methods of print available at Panel Graphic. Often, volume and/or shape of component are the defining factors which determine the most appropriate process for our clients. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience of our staff operating in this area, with most of our engineers having over 20 years’ experience each! We also provide extensive training programs for new staff wishing to learn the Art.

Early 2018 saw extensive remodelling of our facilities, making it one of the most up-to-date printing departments of its kind, with lighting, temperature controls and clean room air-locks in place.


New clean Room production areas constructed in 2018 allow for the application of Optical Adhesive & Reflection Control Films to most substrates. Particle & temperature controlled departments ensure optimum levels of quality are achieved. Most commonly used films are Anti-reflection & conductive ITO.

The skills required to carry out this process are learnt over many years and can only be described as Artisan…


3 factories, 12 production areas, over 2 acres. Improving display performance for the last 2 decades. Small prototype & pre-production quantities up to large scale mass production.